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The "Beast Package"


1. Unleashing the Beast
- Perry Stone's electrifying, brand new book.
2. Understanding the Islamic Beast - DVD
- A 90 Minute DVD featuring Dr. Joe VanKoevering, and Perry Stone Discussing the Islamic beast -
anointed, fact-filled excerpts from four different television shows.
3. Unveiling the Man of Sin
- The barn-burning, politically incorrect book by Dr. Joe VanKoevering, revealing the only man that meets ALL of the scriptural criteria!

"Beast" Package - 2 Bks and 1 DVD

  • "Unleashing The Beast" book. Author Perry Stone
    "Unveiling the Man of Sin" book. Author Joe VanKoevering
    DVD featuring dialogue between Perry Stone and Joe VanKoevering about the anti-christ.
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