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Special Package Includes Both of Joe's Newest Books:
One New Man AND Giant Killer

“GIANT KILLER” will not only help you to declare war over your “giants,” but to declare freedom and victory in your life. You will now be able to identify a giant in your life. You’ve got to understand giants before you can become a giant killer. Goliath literally means a “soothsayer,” and it represents to us today, the spiritual giants in our lives. Discover how to become a “giant killer” or “giant slayer” for God. Celebrate your freedom and liberty in Jesus. When you face a crisis, only then do you realize what and who you are.


“ONE NEW MAN” Understand there is a definitive link between the new man and the end time revival. Learn about the key ingredient to the final revival we all long for. We are called to lead the Jewish people to Yeshua in this hour! The world cannot clearly see Jesus until the Jew and Gentile converge into one new man. The restoration of the Jewish people in the Body of Messiah is a key for worldwide revival. There is a harvest coming, and it is related to this restoration. This penetrating book gives us the answer to the important question: Is Christianity Jewish?

"Favorites" Package - 2 Books

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Special Package Includes Both of Joe's Brand New Books!
    One New Man AND Giant Killer
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